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Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

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Rules and FAQs
gay robot
tresa_cho wrote in help_nz

Obviously there are going to be some questions. So, here is your chance to ask them! There is no such thing as a silly question. If you're thinking it, someone else is too.


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Hey! Is there likely to be a request post? So a little opposite to an auction? I can't offer anything - not finished my fics from last month - and mostly I'm a little strapped for cash but there are some rare fandoms that I would bid on, but folks may not offer.

Would there be a post where people could post their requests and how much they're willing to bid, and let people come to them for example?

Yes. There will be. We're just decided when and how to start doing that! :D

I'd say soon/now, but that's a personal preference. :D

But fantastic, that's great to know!

I just need to put up a Lightning Round post for that. :D

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