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Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

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Rules and FAQs
gay robot
tresa_cho wrote in help_nz

Obviously there are going to be some questions. So, here is your chance to ask them! There is no such thing as a silly question. If you're thinking it, someone else is too.


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It did, thank you. And because I'm special, I have have questions about the timeline and one more about the donations.
- so it's you guys who keep track of the highest bidder (if it gets actual bidding) and if/when the donation has been made to whichever charity, correct? (I'm hoping this is a yes)
- what would be a logical starting cost? At first I thought maybe $3, but then I remembered some on-line merchants charge a processing fee from the reciever and I would hate to have the donation be less then the fee for the charity
- when are the deadlines for posting to the first LR, end of bidding, and fanworks due?

Thanks again.

No problem! The more questions the better. It helps us clarify things in the long run. We do keep track of the winning bidder in the main auction, yes. We will be going through and announcing winners etc once the bidding closes for the main auction. With the LR it's a bit quicker, so it's harder for us to do it, but we do keep an eye out. We keep track of the donations, but we've found it is easier for the winning bidder to email the receipt of donation directly to the person they won from rather than to the mods. It just keeps things a bit smoother in the long run. So simply, we keep track of who won, but the person who offered received the confirmation of donation from the winning bidders.

Logical starting costs vary, depending. Factor in time it takes you to write, how long you want the story to be, etc... I personally can bust out fic pretty quickly of pretty average quality, so I usually start about $1 per 100 words. If I plan on writing an epic, I bump up the starting bid. Maybe $10 for a long stand-alone, or a longer two/three chaptered piece.

Deadlines are a bit hazy. I hesitate to set a firm deadline, because some people can't work under pressure like that, while I know from personal experience that a deadline is the only way to get things done for some people. We haven't really talked about a deadline yet, but it is something the mods will be discussing.

What else ya got? :D

^_^ Deadline for offers in LR#1 and when the round closes? (So I know when to expect the assignments)

Ooh, and soundtracks, is it legal to include the actual songs, or would you just do the list & covers?

Bwahah! LR1 closes midnight, Sunday, Feb 27 at midnight EST. That gives us a day before the auction proper starts for everyone to clear things up and get ready for the main event. That's the actual bidding, not the deadline for fic/etc. That will come later.

Eh... soundtracks are a bit fuzzy with regards to legality. I think I'm going to have to get a higher opinion on that one. For now, just be on the safe side and only include track listing and/or covers.

Cool! I thought maybe the LRs were, like, maybe only a week or two including the bidding, so I wasn't sure if I should even bother. You know, if the whole round was over in a few days.

That makes sense. I'm glad I asked.

Oh, and on the payment thing, that makes sense. But just to make sure I understand, I'm going to double-check. The receipt of donation would be a letter from the charity to the person who won, which then would be forwarded to me by the winning bidder (the creator [or whatever the title it]). Do I send it to you at any point or just tell you once I recieve it?

(also, on another note, your icon is very silly and cute, even without knowing the fandom. ^_^)

re: donation confirmation-> You are right in one! You don't have to send us the actual receipt, just let us know that you got it. I think we'll be having a post set up for it at some point.

(Hee, thanks! It's not strictly a fandom, it's a webseries called Red vs Blue, using Halo machina)

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