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Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

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Rules and FAQs
gay robot
tresa_cho wrote in help_nz

Obviously there are going to be some questions. So, here is your chance to ask them! There is no such thing as a silly question. If you're thinking it, someone else is too.


Um, I may have messed up my offer. For the lightning round, is there a cut-off at which point the winning bids win, or should I have set a threshold at which point people definitely win?

The lightning round is for smaller donations, so it is advisable to set your own cut-off, such as the first two bidders to bid 5$. It's a bit confusing, but hopefully once we get swinging we'll get the hang of it!

Does that answer your question?

I love the idea of this, I'm just a little nervous about sending my money in. Where will you donate it to? By this, I mean, what charity? How, as somebody who is excited about participating in something like this, going to know that our money is going to the right place?

Well, the Red Cross is the world's foremost disaster relief foundation, and there is one operating in NZ at this particular moment, and that is the link found above in Q1. If you don't feel comfortable sending your money through the internet, I'm sure there is an option to mail or donate by hand to your local Red Cross with instructions that it be used for NZ relief.

Last year, when I participated in help_haiti, I donated online through the Red Cross initiative that went to Haitian relief.

There's also the Salvation Army in Christchurch who have re-launched their appeal from September last year, if you wanted to include that in the donations list.


I hope they add this link, I prefer to donate money to the Salvation Army than the Red Cross.

I had a question about the lighting round, hope it's okay to ask it here. Can we add what we wont do, there are a couple of things that weird me out and I'm not comfortable making videos about them.

It is absolutely all right to place restrictions in your offer. Just add it to your offer when you write it out.

Hey! Is there likely to be a request post? So a little opposite to an auction? I can't offer anything - not finished my fics from last month - and mostly I'm a little strapped for cash but there are some rare fandoms that I would bid on, but folks may not offer.

Would there be a post where people could post their requests and how much they're willing to bid, and let people come to them for example?

I'm trying to link to my offer in order to boost the signal but the comment is showing as screened. Can you change that or do I need to delete it and repost? Thanks.

Well, that was strange! I have no idea why it was screened, but I've unscreened it. Let me know if you have a problem with it still.

Hey guys, could you possibly make a post directing people to the News post here? We're trying to get LJ to make a VGift whose proceeds would go to the NZ Red Cross! ♥

This is brilliant! My God, thank you!

theres a few more places people can donate that ive listed here including direct bank transfer for those without credit cards :D

For the purposes of the auction people must use one of the charities we know to be reputable, taking funds for CHCH, and one that sends an email receipt so we can confirm that donations were made. Sending money to a bank account might not work for us. I need to review that and we'll post about it in our FAQ and Rules.

We will take virtual gifts as payment too.

And of course if people are making private donations they may make them however they choose! :D

As a Christchurch resident...

I burst into tears when I saw this on my flist this afternoon.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you guys have no idea how much this means. It is awful here and every little bit, every donation, gets us a tiny step closer to picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and trying to regain a sense of normality.

Kia kaha, moderators, you're wonderful.

Re: As a Christchurch resident...

You're very welcome. I hope you're OK. I can only imagine what it's like there now. I'm in tears just thinking about it.

Hey guys! Thanks so much for all your hard work. It's wonderful to see this community taking off. I was just asked this question by a friend and was hoping you might be able to answer it.

Do we start writing/making (our auctioned works) straight away or are we meant to wait until the bidding closes or something? And where do we post it all?

For the lightning round you can start your fic as soon as we have a confirmed donation from the winner. We do need to make that more explicitly clear in the FAQ and Rules.

For the Main Auction you have to wait until it ends and we know who the winner is.

You can put the fic up on your LJ or whatever site you use to archive your fics. Icons or other things would be emailed to the winner. Packages will need to be shipped, obviously. Oh my gosh. I'm babbling. TIME FOR BED!

(Deleted comment)
I'm looking into our account settings right now to sort out why that is happening.

More charities:
  • The Wilding Foundation takes PayPal
  • The SPCA Canterbury takes direct bank deposits and phone in $30 donations within New Zealand and mail in credit card or cheques

    Also, since the Red Cross site has been a bit wobbly, they have a mirror.

  • Thanks! We'll add these to the list. Great mirror.

    Hi! I just have two quick (and likely dumb) questions. I'm wanting to double-check the rules. By "...Offers can be drabbles, snippets, or full fledged fic ... fic is not the only thing you can offer here. This is a 'multi-optional mish-mosh of awesome' post." you mean that it would be okay to say that I could do drabbles (ratings R and under), crack commentary, and icons/miscellaneous graphics?
    Also, assuming 'yes' to above, are the creators supposed to have anything to do with the bidding or do you handle all of that?

    PS; in the post for lR2, you mentioned that it was for non-shipping-required offers only but there was prior confusion. In the rules above, one of the examples is "even put together a basket of chocolates", unless I'm being slow.


    You're entirely right to be a bit confused, and I apologise for my wording in the post, haha! We're trying to get things hammered out and I was a bit to over-eager to get the first LR up. So, yes you can do drabbles, commentary and icons/mixes/misc. The creators will receive receipts of confirmation from the bidders, and we will work on having something set up to tally up the donations. Probably a post.

    We were attempting to have the LRs be more of a shop/first come first serve than an actual auction, which will launch next week, but the wording of the entry was a bit confusing. To make a LR easy, we were trying to impart that non-shipping items would be quick, for example, whipping out three little drabbles takes a lot less time than putting together a grab bag from your home town. Again, it's confusing wording and we're still working on it. Thanks so much for your patience!

    Did that clear things up a bit for you?

    Hello, as a person who used to live in Christchurch and have many many friends back in New Zealand, thank you so so so much for this. I have checked and you don't have a PM function, I'd like to contact you regard to some thigs privately, how shall I do this?

    Thank you very much again!

    The mods have an email you can send any questions to at: help.nzeq [at] gmail [dot] com

    Or, you can go to the communities info page, check out the owner/maintainer and the moderator lists and go to their journals to send a PM.

    Bids are standardized to USD but the Red Cross NZ and the RSPCA take donations in NZD (the Sallies seem to be in whatever currency of the donor; LJ prices everything in USD). So how's totalling up going to work?

    We have a spreadsheet and can set that to convert currency easily. We'll figure it out. Though the next two days may be a little funtastic. If we think we need to we'll set the main auction in NZD.