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Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

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Help spread the word!
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tresa_cho wrote in help_nz
Hey guys! Let's get this thing off the ground, shall we? I've created a banner that you can use to spread the word around about us.

To get the image to link back to this comm, just copy/pasta the URL in the text box and paste it in the HTML coding for your journal.

If you guys have banners to add, let me know! I'll get them up here.

Epic tumblr post by swappedplaces; you can reblog it!

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I did a post on tumblr, comprised of data that I could collect from the comm to pimp it. If anyone has a tumblelog, they could maybe reblog it, or think about pimping it themselves, perhaps?

Great idea!


.....I have no idea what a tumblr is! :V

You're awesome! Thanks so much :D

Well I can't write or make icons or fanvids.

I guess I could do some baking and get it on one of the trucks that go down to Christchurch but I don't need LJ for that.


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