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Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

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updated FAQ and Rules 3.3.2011
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imaginarycircus wrote in help_nz

Obviously there are going to be some questions. So, here is your chance to ask them! There is no such thing as a silly question. If you're thinking it, someone else is too.


1. Be excellent to each other.

This goes without saying, but please don't wank. This is a multi-fandom, multi-cultural love-fest, and all ships, all creeds, all characters/fandoms/canons are welcome.

2. Bids are standardized to USD, but donations to charity sites are MADE IN NEW ZEALAND DOLLARS. v-gifts are USD. WE know this is a little confusing.

For the sake of everyone's sanity, we're going to standardize bidding in USD.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING BIDS: The donation sites do not, I repeat, do NOT, automatically convert from USD to NZD. When donating you must first convert your USD bid to NZD or your donate will be less than you pledged.

Handy Conversion Chart (amounts are rounded to nearest whole dollar)

$5.00 USD = $7.00 NZD
$6.00 USD = $8.00 NZD
$7.00 USD = $9.00 NZD
$8.00 USD = $11.00 NZD
$9.00 USD = $12.00 NZD
$10.00 USD = $13.00 NZD
$15.00 USD = $20.00 NZD
$20.00 USD = $27.00 NZD
$25.00 USD = $33.00 NZD
$30.00 USD = $40.00 NZD

-for other amounts please use this converter.

When you make your bids in USD, but then go to the Red Cross NZ site, for instance, please realize that you are donating in NZD not USD. The exchange rate is roughly $1.00 USD to $1.33 NZD.

We're sorry if this is confusing, but it is the easiest way for us to keep track. We decided to stick with USDs partly because the LJ v-gift is in USD and also we're dumb Americans and we think in USD. :D


1. How do I donate?

Donating is easy. You can donate online to one of our approved charities, listed to the right in our Links column. Those are the only charities we're accepting because they are vetted and well rated and are collecting specifically for Christchurch relief. We know there are other worthy charities, but there are the ones we've chosen to work with.

If you make an online donation, you will receive an email confirmation, which you must forwarded to the offerer of the bid you've won. This is considered proof of donation, and the offerer can then start working on your winnings! Feel free to block out your real name on the receipt and any other identifying information.

Warning concerning donations: A lot of websites will not accept donations under a certain dollar amount. For example, the Red Cross NZ and the Salvation Army NZ both require a minimum donation of 5 NZD. Please keep this in mind when offering and bidding. The RNZSPCA will accept donations of 1$, as will the government sanctioned relief appeal; both are linked in the sidebar.

2. Who determines the winning bid?

The time stamps on the comments at the time of auction closing are what determines the winning bid. Whoever has posted the highest bid closest to the close of auction is the winner. We will use LJ's timestamps on the comm to determine that. Any disputed bids will be handled by a different process, which we are still hammering out and will post about when necessary.

Regarding Lightning Round bids: LR winners are determined by the restrictions set by the offerer. If the offerer denotes the first five people to donate 5 USD win, then the first five people win. These rounds are first come first serve. (Excepting Lighting Round One, which helped us hammer out these rules and was a test auction for us. Some of those auctions will be judged by time stamp.)

3. Should I email the mods proof of my donation? No.

Please email the offeror. The mods will confirm with the offeror a yes or no that a bid in X amount was made to X charity. We will ask for confirmation in the existing thread for each offer. We're using both delicious and spreadsheets to keep track of all this.

Regarding Main Auction bids: MA winners will be determined by the mods, with an announcement to the winner and the offerer in the form of a comment after bidding ends Tuesday, March 8th.

4. I'm broke, how can I help?

You can help by offering up fandomy things! Even if you can't bid, if you can write, draw, sing, read, or even put together a basket of chocolates, you're welcome to offer up your unique talents for sale. You can also help by spreading word of the comm to all your friends. *nudge nudge*

5. My comment is screened. Why is that?

It's an LJ glitch. We opened and support request and were told it was our privacy settings, but changing the setting did not fix the problem. Please notify a mod or comment to this post and someone will unscreen the comment for you.

6. When does the auction end?

We'll stop taking offers on Monday March 7th at midnight EST US (GMT-5). Bidding will end on Tuesday March 8th at midnight EST US (GMT-5)

Les Mods can be reached at help.nzeq [at] gmail [dot] com with questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience as we set this up!


All times are in Eastern Standard US Time, which is New York City's time zone. (GMT-5)

Lightning Round 2 will be open from now until midnight EST US (GMT-5) Tuesday March 8, 2011.

The Main Auction will open for offers at precisely 12:01am EST on Monday, February 28th, 2011. Only offers will be accepted this first day. Starting Tuesday, March 1, 2011, bidding will begin and will last one week. The Main Auction will close at midnight EST on Tuesday, March 8, 2011.

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Question on the end time of the auction. Over here in England, that's 5am in the morning. On the continent it's 5-6am depending on where you are.

I suspect nothing can be done but it's a really bad time for the auction ending for us. Any chance of doing what help_haiti did and have it finish at lunchtime for the US and evening for us?

I chose that time because it's convenient for people in New Zealand and Australia. Here's the thing. No matter what time I choose? It's going to be inconvenient for someone.

It is. But even another hour later would make it better.

Like I said, I didn't expect it to be changed, but it was worth at least asking.

I was wrong, it was help_pakistan. Either way, I would still maintain that an hour later would be better for NZ who are 12 hours ahead of GMT because it would be 6pm not 5pm when I would thought most people would be at work.

Am disappointed, but guess it'll save me money as the one I thing I can still afford will end up going to someone else.

Edited at 2011-03-06 08:10 pm (UTC)

If I move it forwards that will mean it is one or two am for me. I'm sorry, but we've advertised these times far and wide. We really can't change them now.

We're actually 13 hours ahead with Daylight Saving, so it will be 6pm here.

I'm genuinely sorry you're disappointed, but it's a real change for us to have something done on our time -- we *never* get the convenient option for anything; I can't tell you how many times I've had to get up in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn to sign up for things, or submit entries or whatever.

And don't assume the worst, things may still go your way. Good luck!

That would be my bad - the time converter said 12 hours. But I'd still comment that 7pm is still better for NZ that 5am is for the UK. It's frustrating because Wednesday is the only day this week I don't have to be at 5.30am and I want my lie-in til 6.30am.

Every challenge I've ever run has had deadlines at 7am UK time. Which covers those NZ + Aus. :)

It won't, not with the people bidding on this. It would have just been nice if the mods had considered it rather than dismissing it completely.

Thanks though. :)

That's really considerate of you; it doesn't happen terribly often, at least not in my circles of fandom. That said, I do find UK deadlines easier to meet than US ones as a general rule. :-)

I find it easier. It means that the really awful times (so 2am - 7am) is over the Atlantic ocean and that it means most people are awake. Tis simple enough to do. :) And then no-one complains!

It's not an original thought - when I first got into fandom they were mostly American centric and didn't take anyone else into consideration. Then I saw a challenge at that time for those reasons and whilst you'll never please everyone it was definitely the best option and so I took it, and always follow it now.

Edited at 2011-03-07 10:57 am (UTC)

I can't change something we advertised far and wide by an hour because one person asked me to. This auction is to help people in New Zealand who lost their homes and family members. If you had brought up your time issue early in the auction I would have been happy to consider making a time change, but you simply suggested the idea too late in the game. This is my first time doing this sort of thing and I'll admit I've made a lot of mistakes, but it's for a good cause and I'm doing the best I can.

At LJ's behest we're extending the auction until Sunday March 13, 2011 at 1am. I bumped the time an hour ahead since we were changing all the deadlines. :D

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