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Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

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NEWS POST for 3.1.2011
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imaginarycircus wrote in help_nz
Please, please pimp the auction. We need more offerors and more bidders! I know I've been relentless, but it's for a good cause.

Friendly reminder that we've been bookmarking all the offers at delicious to make them easier to search through.

We finally discovered what was causing the random screening of comments--it was our default privacy settings. It's fixed. \o/ Screening comments is still a problem. I reopened our support request. *headdesk*

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Hi there! Could you please see if there's a screened comment on this offer:
A scarf

Someone offered $15 but I can't see the comment, or edit the offer to add a choice of two more scarves because LJ says it's been replied to. I wondered if the comment was one of those screened.

Nope. Not one of the screened comments. I don't see a comment there at all. Which I think means it wasn't deleted either, because we'd see a "deleted comment" message.

Edited at 2011-03-02 07:26 pm (UTC)

I just posted a couple offers on the fic master post and it looks like they're both screened. Just FYI.

n/m: I joined the comm and then reposted. Looks like it's still screening if you aren't a member, though.

I will offer and pimp as soon as I get home. Work is insane today, but I'm thinking about you.

(Deleted comment)
I saw that on the BBC worldservice feed! Amazing@

Hey - I just put up a bid on the writers' page, but it's screened :-)

Unscreened. I really thought we'd fixed that. :/

My offer was posted a few days ago and isn't on delicious.

It seems that some people can't see my offer so could you please check if it's indeed screened or not? Thank you! =)

I think my offer request got screened-->here

I notice your flickr pics for banners and such have exceeded the bandwidth for your flickr account. I have a pro account and it you need it I can upload them to it so they wont run out of bandwidth.

Let me know if you need it

I think they're on photobucket. I also have a pro account at flickr and have asked the person who made the banners to send them to me, but thank you for the kind offer.

Is the Comment Screening dropdown in privacy settings set to "No Comments"? Livejournal's just thrown everyone into a new setting where comments with links to external sites are screened.

No, it's set to anybody can comment and to screen only anonymous comments with links to external sites. :/

Hello - question - if I have some CDs and DVDs to offer for auction, would those go under Audio/Video or Miscellaneous? Looks like most of what's under Audio/Video is original work. Also, I hope it's not to late to add things? Auctions end March 7?

Hmmmm. Good question. I would offer them and audio and vids. Offering ends March 7th. Bidding ends March 8th at midnight EST US (GMT-5).

I offer a Supernatural charm bracelet and 2 batches of postcards one Sam/Dean,J2 and one Steve/Chris.
I´ll pay the postage
PM me with details after the auction.

I think this comment got posted in the wrong thread?

Re pimping, have you already advertised in the various fandom newsletters? If yes, never mind. If not, you might consider it :)

We haven't specifically, no. We asked people to post about it and spread the word. There are many fandoms I don't know about and I wouldn't have any idea what the fandom newsletter is for it.

For advertising is it okay to borrow (of course will re-upload so not to hotlink) the images you are using on the different posts like the Art one? I'd love to post in my personal journal and a couple of games I'm in.

Hi there,

My offer is in need of a cross_stitch tag over on delicious.


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