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Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

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NEWS POST for 2.28.2011
Holmes & Watson
imaginarycircus wrote in help_nz
We concluded our first Lightning Round and so far we've tallied $1,679.00 NZD ($1261.00 USD) and $260.10 in v-gifts ($345.00 NZD) for a grand total of $2024.00 NZD ($1521.10 USD)! We are still waiting to hear from some people where and how much they donated. WOW! You guys are awesomeness.

Bidding is now open on all Main Auction posts! \o/

Crafts and Miscellaneous
Audio and Vids

We still need people to come and offer up items and people to bid, so please keep spreading the word! Thank you so much for all your help. We couldn't do this without all you lovely people.

We've been a bit stringent about how to choose charities to include in this auction and so we could not include a women's organization. I've been told that violence against women is on the rise since the quake. If you can donate any funds at all to them, please consider it. The reason we did not include them is that they are not vetted by a site like charity navigator, nor are they internationally reputable.

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Oh man, Women's Refuge is absolutely legit.

I believe that they are, which is why I included them in the news post.

Yup yup, this is just in response to your noting that they're not vetted or international - I'm a Kiwi, I've seen their work.

If I thought they were a scam I would not have mentioned them at all. But when asking people to donate thousands of dollars from all over the world we felt we needed to be very careful about which charities we chose. We erred on the side of caution. Believe me if it were up to me alone they'd be in and the Salvation Army would be out. But it's not up to just me and we made guidelines and we have to stick to them.

And I am not disputing this, just adding anecdotal support.

Wow, this is so doing so great.

Also, you'll need to add another $3 v-gift from an icon set bought from me by [Bad username: purple_dolphin9"] in the first Lightning Round, and I'm not sure if it will count or not... but the donation I put through should (or could?) bring your NZ total value up about an extra $NZ10.40 as my brother donated some to the wonderful cause at the same time as me. I'm not sure if you'd like to add what he included to the tally, but thought I'd give the heads up just in case.

I'll add to the first commenter: Women's Refuge is a very well known charity here in NZ, and one I support. However they may not be easy to donate to from overseas like the others.

Sorry to be so late, but if I understood well, we can still offer items? :)

Yep. Just find the appropriate post (words, art, etc) and go ahead and post your offer. You aren't late at all.

Thank you very much for your answer! I went ahead and offered some arts. =)

Fantastic! Always happy to have more.

Yes, you can until next Monday at midnight EST US (GMT-5). :D Please do!!

This is why I went and offered a set of 3 wallpapers! =D

(Deleted comment)
That's being tallied separately from Lighting Round 1, but YAY!! That's wonderful.

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