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Main Auction - ART
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imaginarycircus wrote in help_nz

This is the Master Post for Art* Offerings. Here you can offer up fanart, original sketches, icons, and graphics.

* Art in this sense refers to the depiction of scenes on 2D surfaces. Crafts such as knit and baked goods can be found in the crafts and miscellaneous post.

Instructions; please read carefully before postingCollapse )

Go for it!


Offers will be taken until Friday March 11, 2011 at 12:00pm (noon) US EST (GMT-5). Bidding will end on Sunday March 13, 2011 at 1am US EST (GMT-5).

Fanart or Original Illustration

User name:thefifthchevron
Email: fifthchevron [at]
Examples of my work: Here

What I'm offering:
One full color print-quality digital illustration.

I'll do whatever you like. A scene of your favorite movie/tv/fandom characters, a nursery rhyme for your kid's room, original characters you come up with. But keep it G or PG please. I'm a children's book illustrator. :) Feel free to email if you'd like to run an idea past me before bidding.

Starting bid: $5

Fandoms: I'm most familiar with Stargates SG-1 and Atlantis, Star Wars, Leverage, Harry Potter, White Collar, Psych, Warehouse 13, Pushing Daisies. But give me reference and I'll try anything.

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Re: Fanart or Original Illustration


User name: ordinaryink
Email: tracey.artblog[at]
Examples of my work: Flickr for mostly original work, and my art tags for fandom!
What I'm offering: A piece of art on 9 x 12 paper, using either watercolors or markers, and pens. Original work or fandom. For fandom, three characters or less and keep it PG. I'm also willing to mail you the original piece of art on my own dime.
Starting bid: $5
Fandoms: I work in mostly Supernatural or Bandom, but I'm lenient enough to branch out to different fandoms.

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Re: fanart/illustration


ANY FANDOM: 50 icons, 2 banners, 1 header & 1 wallpaper

User name: keyweegirlie | keywee_icons
Email: keyweegirlie[at] (please include help_nz in the subject line so I know you're not spam)
Examples of my work: Graphics LJ
What I'm offering: I am offering: 50 icons (at least), 2 banners (Friends Only/Profile/whatever), 1 header (any size) & 1 wallpaper (any size)
Starting bid: $5.00 USD
Fandoms: ANY FANDOM, ANY PAIRING, ANY ANYTHING. - I'm really comfortable making graphics for the Supernatural and Sons of Anarchy fandoms, but like I said, I'll work with ANY FANDOM because I like changing things up from time to time and I love a challenge. However, I don't make animated anything, so just be aware of that...

Re: ANY FANDOM: 50 icons, 2 banners, 1 header & 1 wallpaper


(Deleted comment)

Re: Icons/Banners - Merlin, Eagle, Inception etc.


User name: ciaimpala
Email: (to save yourself from spambots, use [at] instead of @ when writing your email) beekeepersapprentice at gmail dot com
Examples of my work: Here
What I'm offering: Icons, 2 icons for every dollar the highest bidder bids. If the winning bid is $5, you get 10 icons, etc :)
Starting bid: $5 USD
Fandoms: Any fandom you want, including crossovers and aus (I love doing manips), slash, femslash, etc. I will also do Original Character icons/manips, and icons for fanfiction/original stories you've written. Winning bidder can do a mix of fandoms for their icon package.

We're sorry to see no one bid on your offer. Would you consider moving it to help_japan? Their auction starts Monday.

User name: turynn
Email: ichigo [underscore] boba [at] yahoo [d*t] c*m
Examples of my work: deviant art
What I'm offering: I'm offering a quickie color doodle/sketch. May be anywhere from a bust to a full body depending on my time/mood. At least one character but may be more if you have good idea.
Starting bid: $5.00 USD
Fandoms: Star Trek TOS & TNG ♥, Xena: Warrior Princess♥, X-Files, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga or Harry Potter main characters if you must. No OCs.

I'm open to any rating/pairing.

(Deleted comment)

Icons, Wallpapers, etc.

User name: starfleet
Email: (to save yourself from spambots, use [at] instead of @ when writing your email) couletteswrties [at] gmail [dot] com
Examples of my work: Here & Here (Also any of my userpics with 'coulettes' under them are the ones that I've made).
What I'm offering: I'm offering at least 30ish icons (more if you bid higher) and a couple of wallpapers.
Starting bid: $1
Fandoms: Look at my interests here

Re: Icons, Wallpapers, etc.


User name: [info]darke_wulf 
Email: gml12521[at]gmail[dot]com

Examples of my work
Picspams: here, here, here, and here
Icons: here, here and here

What I'm offering
:  To the top five bidders. Feel free to mix and match. 
Picspams:  $5 USD for one 6-image spam.  Every $1 after that will add two images.
Icons:  $1 USD for five icons. Every dollar after that will buy you an additional five. Icons will meet Live Journal requirements.

Fandoms: Anything I can find images for.

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User name: cifan70
Email: PM please
Examples of my work: Here
What I'm offering: 10 icons
Starting bid: $1
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Smallville, Fringe, Glee, Rizzoli and Isles, Legend of the Seeker, Castle, Chuck - I can work with most movie or actor/actress caps if you send me HQ caps. They may not be the best as I don't work with them all the time. Check the tags on the graphics comm for interests.

I will do the above for the top 3 bidders

User name: blueleopard87
Email: blueleopard87 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Examples of my work: here or here
What I'm offering: 10 icons (minimum)
Starting bid: $1 USD
Fandoms: Any fandom you can provide pictures for. If it's Star Trek (TOS, XI), Doctor Who, The Mighty Boosh, BBC Sherlock, Inception, Supernatural or View Askew that you're interested in, I already have caps. :) If the bidding goes above $10 I will make more than 10 icons.

User name: inglorious_dmk
Email: dmk [at]
Examples of my work: [01] [02] [03] [04] [05]
What I'm offering: one LJ layout
Starting bid: $10
Fandoms: I'll do anything if you can provide a pic to work with! If you cannot then I will try my best but I can't guarantee obscure fandoms will be doable :(

User name: pointblankdarcy
Email: nadianiamyiting[at]
Examples of my work: Here
What I'm offering: A set of at least 15 icons and 5 banners (headers too, if requested) - I'll probably end up doing more though
Starting bid: $5
Fandoms: Stock, Harry Potter, Glee, Fringe, HIMYM, Leverage, Criminal Minds... I'll try my best to do anything you want :D

$5 :D

User name: rightxhere
Email: samcam (at) nicerecall (dot) com
Examples of my work: Here
What I'm offering: 4 x Desktop Wallpapers
Starting bid: $3 USD each
Fandoms: Stargate SG1, Doctor Who, Fringe or Supernatural.

User name: dumbimps
Email: soopabunnie [at]
Examples of my work: deviantART or any of the posts on my LJ that contain art
What I'm offering: Digital art -- complexity of the piece depends on the final bid. Willing to draw porn and up to three characters ;)
Starting bid: $5
Fandoms: INCEPTION, Ace Attorney, Ookiku Furikabutte, and Hikaru no Go are my big fandom loves, but I'm willing to draw for other fandoms or original characters as well, so long as there are reference pictures.

Edited at 2011-03-01 08:23 am (UTC)

User Name: kari_fuu (I go by fuu since this page is manned by two people)
Email: tsubasanoum1[at]
Examples of my work: Deviantart for complex artworks, some sketches, more simple sketches
What I'm offering: Digital art or pencil sketches; the quality of final version will depend entirely on the final bid. I will not draw excessive porn, mecha, complicated background/creatures/monsters (mainly due to the fact that those are not my forte)
Starting bid: $5.00
Fandoms: I would love to draw anything related to Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Hetalia, Macross F, historical figures; but I can draw anything you request (other fandom/original characters)


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