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Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

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Main Auction - Crafts and Miscellaneous
imaginarycircus wrote in help_nz

This is the Master Post for Miscellaneous Offerings. Here you can offer up home goods, baked items, gift baskets, chocolates, etc.

To make an offer copy and paste the text in the box below into a comment and fill in the blanks.

To make offers easier to scroll through please place something in the subject line about your offer.

Warning concerning donations: Both the Red Cross NZ and the Salvation Army require a minimum donation of $5.00 NZD ($3.75 USD) Please keep this in mind when offering and bidding.

Minimum bids for the entire auction must be at least $1.00 USD, but bids of less than $5.00 NZD ($3.75 USD) are not accepted by either the Salvation Army or the Red Cross. You may donate less than $5.00 to the NZ Government, by buying an LJ v-gift, or by donating to the RNZSPCA.

You may only donate to our approved list of charities in the links list at right. The choice is up to the donor, though you may consult with your offeror if you wish.

Bidding Rules:

To bid please reply to an offer with a starting bid. All bids must be in USD, and here is a currency converter if you need it. Competing bids must be raised by at least $1.00 USD.

Please do not delete comments or bids. If you have an issue with a bid, please contact a mod at help.nzeq [at] gmail [dot] com or reply to your own bid with an explanation. All questions can be directed here, please use this entry only for offers and bids.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING BIDS: The donation sites do NOT automatically convert from USD to NZD. When donating you must first convert your USD bid to NZD or your donate less than you pledged.

Make your bids in USD, but when you go to the charity websites you will be donating in NZD not USD. The exchange rate is roughly $1.00 USD to $1.33 NZD. See the FAQs if you have any more questions.

Handy $ Conversion Chart (amounts are rounded to nearest whole dollar.)

$5.00 USD = $7.00 NZD
$6.00 USD = $8.00 NZD
$7.00 USD = $9.00 NZD
$8.00 USD = $11.00 NZD
$9.00 USD = $12.00 NZD
$10.00 USD = $13.00 NZD
$15.00 USD = $20.00 NZD
$20.00 USD = $27.00 NZD
$25.00 USD = $33.00 NZD
$30.00 USD = $40.00 NZD

Go for it!


Well be taking offers until Friday March 11, 2011 at 12:00pm (noon) US EST (GMT-5). Bidding will end on Sunday March 13, 2011 at 1am US EST (GMT-5).

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Coffee Recipes for $2 NZ extra

This worked well in the QLD flood auction as a bonus offer to anyone donating money through this community, so here we go again!
If you're paying for goods/fic/art or ANYTHING once the auction ends on this comm, and pay an extra $2 NZ or above to charity, I will email you a PDF book full of coffee recipes from a well known coffee place starting with 'S'. This booklet is in PDF format with a front cover, so you can print it and keep it. It has 32 pages full of hot and cold beverages including frappes, macciatos, chai, iced, cider, lattes, cappucinos and smoothies of many flavours. It also has the recipes for different pastries. Altogether there are about 30 drink recipes.

User Name:scribblecat
Email address: save_ferris27 at hotmail dot com
I am offering: A PDF (I'll email it to you) of 32 pages of coffee based recipes. See above.
Additional Info: Once you've made your donation with $2+ NZ extra added please PM or email me your screenshot of your donation, and I'll send it through to you!
Donation Minimum/Number of items offered: $2+ NZ on top of what you donated for your 'main' service/item through either auction or the lightning rounds. Or if you just donated for nothing of course! If you want this only, just make a donation (I think $5+ would be more appropriate if it's by itself via a credit card etc) to an approved charity and show me a screenshot!

Re: Coffee Recipes for $2 NZ extra

We're sorry to see no one bid on your offer. Would you consider moving it to help_japan? Their auction starts Monday. :D

Re: Coffee Recipes for $2 NZ extra

I didn't realise scribblecat's offer/auction needed to be bid on? D: Because I was planning on just adding NZD$2 to my donation for another auction (or just buying scribblecat a Help NZ v-gift), and then showing her my receipt like she asked, so I could get the recipes >__<"

Re: Coffee Recipes for $2 NZ extra

I misunderstood how this worked! No worries. :D

Re: Coffee Recipes for $2 NZ extra

It's all good :)
Just (this is just a message for anyone unsure)show me the receipt or some sort of proof to my email and I'll shoot that through! And there's no time limit, as long as money pours in for New Zealand, I'll keep giving the recipes.

Re: Coffee Recipes for $2 NZ extra

Hi! This wasn't the sort of offer that gets bids because it was contacting me directly, so please put down $5 which was donated for the recipes so far :)
As people pay, I may get more, going on how well it did for the QLD auctions, so I'll get back to you in a week or so, as people are paying with a total :)

Re: Coffee Recipes for $2 NZ extra

Ah, OK. Cool! :D

Re: Coffee Recipes for $2 NZ extra

I donated $20USD while my bid was for $15. I'll e-mail you the receipt once I get it. :)

Re: Coffee Recipes for $2 NZ extra

You're awesome! It's here at the ready for the reply email :D

Re: Coffee Recipes for $2 NZ extra

Hi! I've taken you up on your offer, and an email is winging its way to you. Thanks! ^_^

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