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Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

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Main Auction - Crafts and Miscellaneous
imaginarycircus wrote in help_nz

This is the Master Post for Miscellaneous Offerings. Here you can offer up home goods, baked items, gift baskets, chocolates, etc.

To make an offer copy and paste the text in the box below into a comment and fill in the blanks.

Instructions; please read carefully before postingCollapse )

Go for it!


Well be taking offers until Friday March 11, 2011 at 12:00pm (noon) US EST (GMT-5). Bidding will end on Sunday March 13, 2011 at 1am US EST (GMT-5).

User name: j_flattermann
Email: ith16 [at] btinternet [dot] com
What I'm offering: Liverpool in a small box (sorry guys I am not rich!) but I promise to fill the box with goodies from Liverpool. All you need to do is tell me what fandom (or random). The box will contain postcards, maybe a small book on Liverpool, some fandom (or random) memorabilia. Box goes to highest bidder with addition of a pair of Liverpool cuff-links in original box.
Starting bid: $5
Fandoms: Liverpool, Beatles, Football

Re: Liverpool in a Box

$60 (yay Beatles!)

(Deleted comment)

Charm bracelet and postcards

User name:pippii
What I'm offering:A handmade Supernatural charm bracelet and two batches of postcards, one J2,Sam/Dean and one Steve/Chris. I´ll pay the postage.
Starting bid:$1
Fandoms:Supernatural, SteveCarlson/Christian Kane, Harry Potter, CSI Las Vegas

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Re: SHERLOCK: BB!Sherlock Plushie


(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Re: SHERLOCK: BB!John Plushie


(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
User name: mop_cat
Email: It would most likely work better if you PM me :D
What I'm offering: I'm offering a box full of little bits and pieces I find around Adelaide. Things from vintage fairs, shops, postcards, clothes, lollies, books, mixtapes, cds, things. A lot of things will most likely be taken from little op-shops and vintage fairs but also anything I find along the way too. You can request things or inform on things YOU REALLY DON'T WANT. I'm willing to pay for the postage too ♥
Starting bid: $5

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

NZ Photos, (Inc LOTr sites)

User name: pinikirEmail</b>: laurenwhitehouse[at]gmail[dot]com
Examples of my work: Here
What I'm offering: 15 photographs from all over NZ, more as the bid goes up! Prints + cd
Starting bid: $1
Fandoms: LOTR

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Re: NZ Photos, (Inc LOTr sites)


(Deleted comment)
oops, you have two bids here not attached to any offers :(

Your bid isn't attached to any thread :)

User name: podfic_lover
Email: podficlover at googlemail dot com

What I'm offering: A box full of Switzerland related things! Apart from chocolate and other nonperishable Swiss delicacies the package could include pieces of local art/craft, postcards, souvenirs, books etc. You want something specific or theme-related? No problem, we can discuss details and I'll try to find it for you. The content of the package will amount to at least the winning bid. Therefore: The higher the bid, the more you get!

Starting bid: $5
Fandoms: Switzerland, chocolate?

Offer: 2 Boxes of Books

User name: sleepygoof8784
Email: sleepygoof8784 at gmail dot com
Examples of my work: N/A
What I'm offering: 2 boxes of gently used books. I'm the only reader and I take excellent care of my books. Many have not even been creased.

First box will contain romance (from general to at least 2 erotica) as well as some general fiction (non-romance)that have been on the Best Seller list in the last 10 years.

The second box will be slightly smaller and contain political/historical/gender issues/women's history books. These will be my favorites or books I read in classes and no longer need (I have a BA in poli sci and history and an MA in history-my focus was American West and gender).

Both boxes for the same bidder, sent in separate months. If bidding goes higher I will include a few new books as well that are related to the topics. If your not interested in the non fiction books I can omit them too, depending on bidders preference.

I will pay shipping (including international) but will send them either flat rate or media mail so may take a bit longer to arrive.
Starting bid:$5

(Deleted comment)

Sherlock Holmes / Arthur Conan Doyle / Baker Street in a box.

User name: _doodle
Email: bitnotgood [at] gmail.com
What I'm offering: Sherlock Holmes / Arthur Conan Doyle / Baker St. in a box. I will send you a collection of Sherlock Holmes and Baker St. items from both London and Portsmouth (where ACD first brought Sherlock Holmes to life). The higher the bid, the more items I will include within my budget. I however cannot cover postage, due to my financial situation. If there are any specific items you'd like, please let me know and I will do my best to get a hold of them for your package.
Starting bid: $10
Fandoms: Sherlock Holmes - all varieties / Arthur Conan Doyle

Re: Sherlock Holmes / Arthur Conan Doyle / Baker Street in a box.

Probably going to be outbid, but I'll start the bidding at $20

Photographs of China

User name: _doodle
Email: bitnotgood [at] gmail.com
What I'm offering: A collection of five printed photographs from around China - I spent a year living there and have an extensive collection of photos taken with a sony a300 dslr. Please e-mail me for examples of my photography. Photos can be from - Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin, Chengdu (pandas!) and Fenghuang. I will cover postage costs.
Starting bid: $5

Edited at 2011-03-05 12:12 am (UTC)

User name: watchtowersing
Email: watchtowersing [@] gmail [dot] com
Examples of my work: N/A
What I'm offering: Denver gift basket! I'm doing a mountain one, and figured I shouldn't leave out Denver. The basic will include something from the major sports teams (Rockies, Avalanche, Broncos, Nuggets, Mammoth, Rapids), University of Denver, and a few other Denver things. Shipping is on me, I'll ship anywhere in the world.
Starting bid: $5
Fandoms: N/A

(Deleted comment)
Hey, your bid isn't connected to anything. You want to reply to the actual offer.

User name: katiebeth26
Email: will give to winner

What I'm offering: I am offering a box of items from Arizona, the items will depend on the winning bid so the higher the bid the more items will be in the box. Examples could be keychains, t-shirts, treats (let me know of allergies so I will not include those), I can easily get suvinor type items from Tombstone, items from a copper mine, and anything else I can find from southeast Arizona or any requests made. Like I said it will all depend on the bid.
Starting bid: $10 USD
Notes: I will pay for shipping, even international shipping.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)