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Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

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Main Auction - Crafts and Miscellaneous
imaginarycircus wrote in help_nz

This is the Master Post for Miscellaneous Offerings. Here you can offer up home goods, baked items, gift baskets, chocolates, etc.

To make an offer copy and paste the text in the box below into a comment and fill in the blanks.

Instructions; please read carefully before postingCollapse )

Go for it!


Well be taking offers until Friday March 11, 2011 at 12:00pm (noon) US EST (GMT-5). Bidding will end on Sunday March 13, 2011 at 1am US EST (GMT-5).

User name: dani_in_japan 
Email: fackentd@gmail.com
Examples of my work: Here
What I'm offering: One crocheted and lined handbag purse as in the photo, color of your choice, OR purse as pictured above with colors for New Zealand. (navy blue with red contrast and white ribbon)
Starting bid: $10 USD
Fandoms: N/A, but I can help you make color choices to accomodate fandoms. (IE: of the top of my head - Hetalia: Red and White striped bag with navy blue top [America], Sunflower bag [Russia])

User name:dani_in_japan 
Email: fackentd at gmail.com
Examples of my work: Here And Here
What I'm offering: One wristlet/DS case, colors of your choice
Starting bid: $5 USD
Fandoms: N/A. The ones above are both Hetalia based, but if you want to do one inspired by any other fandom, I can accomodate

User name: dani_in_japan 
Email: fackentd at gmail.com
Examples of my work: Here
What I'm offering: small handbag, colors of your choice
Starting bid: $10 USD
Fandoms: N/A. The ones above is Hetalia based (I call it the British Empire bag), but if you want to do one inspired by any other fandom, I can accomodate

Cross Stitch Flag Bookmark or Button

User name: arachnes_web
Email: PM is the fastest way to get in touch with me
Examples of my work: Here and Here
What I'm offering: A flag bookmark with the bidder's choice of countries (up to 6 flags) or a flag pairing button with the bidder's choice of any two countries from Hetalia.
Starting bid: $5.00 NZD
Fandoms: Hetalia

(Deleted comment)

Framed Cross Stitch Art

User name: arachnes_web
Email: PM is the fastest way to get in touch with me
Examples of my work: Here
What I'm offering: A fully finished and framed cross stitch piece. The higher the bid, the bigger the piece.
Starting bid: $20 USD
Fandoms: Hetalia, Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, or specific characters and/or symbols from Fruits Basket (Kyo), Cardcaptor Sakura (Kero-chan) and Tsubasa (Mokona), Avatar: The Last Airbender (the element symbols), Utena (the Rose Crest). Most of the designs seen on my deviant art page can be done.

Individual perfume made to your specifications

User name: forest_rose
Email: hayes_natalie@yahoo.co.uk
Examples of my work: Alas, we have no scratch and sniff internet - but I offered this for help_pakistan and the recipient was very pleased with it!
What I'm offering: A perfume made from essential oils and perfumer's alcohol, in consultation with you. I'll make it around your likes and dislikes, and try to design something that will suit you. I have quite a good collection of oils so it's likely I'll be able to accommodate your wishes - although please note I have no jasmine or sandalwood (I can substitute other things if you like these scents).
Starting bid: $10 (I will cover postage anywhere.)
Fandoms: Any or none!
Please note I won't be able to send this until April as I have my final exams this month.

Edited at 2011-03-01 12:03 pm (UTC)

Re: Individual perfume made to your specifications


User name: darchildre
Email: darchildre@gmail.com
Examples of my work: Here is my collection. However, those have been cuddled somewhat, so if you'd like to see some without wear, you can go here.
What I'm offering: A custom crocheted doll, about a foot high. It can be one of my monsters, a doll made to character specifications from one of your fandoms, or an original doll that you design yourself.
Starting bid: $5
Fandoms: Any or none.

User name: mind_the_tardis
Email: PM me!
Examples of my work: No examples up, as I think readings should be confidential, but check out the decks I have available to use.
What I'm offering: A 3-card reading (I might expand, if I don't get a good answer from the 3 cards I draw), using any of the decks I own (see above link), on any question you'd like (remember that I'm not a medical or legal professional, of course). I'm a new reader (a year's worth of reading on tarot, and only about 10 readings to my name), so no miracles, but I'll give it my best! I'll send you a write-up of my reading, and scans of the cards in it.
Starting bid: $5 USD
Fandoms: Here's another option: Do you RP? Fan a certain character? Reading for characters can be a lot of fun! Give me info about your character, and a question they might ask, or you want answered about them, and I'll read for them.

I love the RP reading option. $5 bid!

Offering: Homemade Jelly Candies

User name: blueleopard87
Email: blueleopard87 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Examples of my work: here, here and here
What I'm offering: 1 pound homemade vegan jelly candies
Starting bid: $15 USD
Fandoms: N/A

These soft jelly candies are made from scratch and are completely vegan! (But if you're worried about that, I can show you the ingredient list.) They're very sugary-sweet, but if you're trying to be a little health conscious, they can be made with fruit juice and a little less sugar.

You can choose two flavors: orange, raspberry, lemon, lime (pictured are orange and raspberry)

If there's another flavor you want, I can probably make it so don't hesitate to ask. :) (Listed are just what flavorings I have on hand at the moment.) You can also choose to have hearts, squares or triangles (you'll get the most individual pieces from squares.)

These jelly candies will last several weeks in the open air (but they've certainly never hung around for that long in my house), but it's recommended that you keep them in the refrigerator (where they'll last several months). If you stick them in the freezer, they get extra chewy and delicious! (And in there they'll never get completely hard and they'll basically never go bad. A double bonus!) They shouldn't be kept in very hot/warm places as they will get melty.

Since I'm starting the bidding at $15, I'll pay for shipping. I'd prefer to do continental US shipping (since I over-worry about the transit) but since these candies are mostly indestructible, if you're enthusiastic and want to chance it I'd be willing to ship elsewhere too.

If the bidding goes above $50, I'll make 1 pound of candy for the second highest bidder as well. :)

Re: Offering: Homemade Jelly Candies


Username: geekgirlt
Email: pm me!
What I'm offering: I'll send a package with a copy of The Hobbit, The Simarillion, And the Complete LotR trilogy (books not movies), as well as a LotR inspired button.
Starting bid: $10
Fandoms: LotR
Notes: These will all be used copies of the books, they are in very good condition though!

(Deleted comment)
User name: glass_moment
Email: earthworks 313 at yahoo dot com
What I'm offering: 15 blank postcards from all over the world, or non-place specific (art, cartoons, etc). I'll do my best to fulfill requests if you have them (specific places, types of landscape, cities, art, historical, whatever).
Starting bid: $5

(Deleted comment)
User name: jacyevans
Email: jacyevans[at]gmail[dot]com
What I'm offering: A few things from some of my favorite places in NY, including a Strand tote bag, chocolate from Max Brenner, photographs (if I get the chance to take them) or postcards of some of my favorite places, and something kitschy, (i.e. an I &heart; NY t-shirt).
Starting bid: 10 USD

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(Deleted comment)
Please let me know (by replying to this comment) when you receive
proof of donation and to which charity the money went? Thanks.