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Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

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Main Auction - WORDS
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imaginarycircus wrote in help_nz

This is the Master Post for Word offerings. Fanfiction and original fiction are welcome, both prose and poetry. You may also offer your beta services here.

To make an offer copy and paste the text in the box below into a comment and fill in the blanks.

To make offers easier to browse through please place something in the subject line about your offer, such as fanfic, original fic, beta offer, etc.

Warning concerning donations: Both the Red Cross NZ and the Salvation Army require a minimum donation of $5.00 NZD ($3.75 USD) Please keep this in mind when offering and bidding.

Minimum bids for the entire auction must be at least $1.00 USD, but bids of less than $5.00 NZD ($3.75 USD) are not accepted by either the Salvation Army or the Red Cross. You may donate less than $5.00 to the NZ Government, by buying an LJ v-gift, or by donating to the RNZSPCA.

You may only donate to our approved list of charities in the links list at right. The choice is up to the donor, though you may consult with your offeror if you wish.

Bidding Rules:

To bid please reply to an offer with a starting bid. All bids must be in USD, and here is a currency converter if you need it. Competing bids must be raised by at least $1.00 USD.

Please do not delete comments or bids. If you have an issue with a bid, please contact a mod at help.nzeq [at] gmail [dot] com or reply to your own bid with an explanation. All questions can be directed here, please use this entry only for offers and bids.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING BIDS: The donation sites do NOT automatically convert from USD to NZD. When donating you must first convert your USD bid to NZD or your donate less than you pledged.

Make your bids in USD, but when you go to the charity websites you will be donating in NZD not USD. The exchange rate is roughly $1.00 USD to $1.33 NZD. See the FAQs if you have any more questions.

Handy $ Conversion Chart (amounts are rounded to nearest whole dollar.)

$5.00 USD = $7.00 NZD
$6.00 USD = $8.00 NZD
$7.00 USD = $9.00 NZD
$8.00 USD = $11.00 NZD
$9.00 USD = $12.00 NZD
$10.00 USD = $13.00 NZD
$15.00 USD = $20.00 NZD
$20.00 USD = $27.00 NZD
$25.00 USD = $33.00 NZD
$30.00 USD = $40.00 NZD

Go for it!


Well be taking offers until Friday March 11, 2011 at 12:00pm (noon) US EST (GMT-5). Bidding will end on Sunday March 13, 2011 at 1am US EST (GMT-5).

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User name: heeroluva
Email: heeroluva@hotmail.com
Examples of my work: Here

What I'm offering: Buy it now fanfic (no bidding)
100 words // limit of 10 // $1 each
500 words // limit of 5 // $5 each
1,000 words // limit of 3 // $10 each
2,000 words // limit of 2 // $20 each
5,000 words // limit of 1 // $40 each
(Word count is minimum, could be higher)

Torchwood (any combination of Jack/Ianto/John/Owen/OMC), Hawaii Five-0 (any combination of Danny/Steve/Chin), Terminator Salvation (Marcus/Kyle), Primeval (any combination of Nick/Stephen/Conner), Live Free or Die Hard (John/Matt), Tin Man (Glitch/Wyatt), Dexter (Gen), The Fast and the Furious (any combination of Vince/Dom/Brian/Rome), Firefly (any combination of Jayne/Mal/Simon), Four Brothers (Bobby/Jack), Heroes (Sylar/Mohinder), X-men (any combination of Logan/Scott/Remy, Logan/Victor, Logan/Victor/Remy), The Sentinel (Jim/Blair), Hellboy (Hellboy/John, John/Nuada, Hellboy/John/Nuada), NCIS (Gibbs/DiNozzo), House (House/Wilson, House/Chase, House/Wilson/Chase), Transformers (Sam/Bee), Zombieland (Tallahassee/Columbus), Avatar (Jake/Tsu'tey)
Blade Trinity (Drake/Hannibal), Avatar: The Last Airbender (any combination of Aang/Sokka/Zuko post series, age 16+ only)

Feel free to ask if there's something you want, but don't see here.

Additional Info: I write mostly slash. Can also do gen if you'd rather have that. I specialize in h/c, angst, dark, and smut. I'm also fond of threesomes/moresomes. I will NOT write the following: magic penis makes everyone’s problems go away, genderbending, feminization of male characters, scat, vomit, underage, graphic mpreg, graphic noncon/torture, necrophilia, vore, or daddy!kink (or any ageplay). I will also consider crossovers.

Re: Buy it now fanfic


Would I be able to have 1000 words of Primeval - Stephen/Connor, please?

Re: Buy it now fanfic

Sounds good. Send me the confirmation and let me know any specifics you may want. :)

Re: Buy it now fanfic

will you write Anti-Huddy?

Re: Buy it now fanfic

Can you send me a PM with what you mean?

Re: Buy it now fanfic

In season 7 of House MD, House and Cuddy have hooked up(=Huddy), and have rewrote the shows entire history and have made both characters unrecognizable. It's ruined my favorite show and made me despise Cuddy

Re: Buy it now fanfic

Ah yes, I have heard about that. I actually stopped watching sometime during season 5 except catching the rare ep.

Re: Buy it now fanfic

5,000 words // limit of 1 // $40 each please

Re: Buy it now fanfic

Gah sorry, I didn't realize I commented under that other account and didn't get a notification. Please send me your confirmation and let me know the details of what you would like.

Re: Buy it now fanfic

Please let me know (by replying to this comment) when you receive
proof of donation and to which charity the money went? Thanks.

Re: Buy it now fanfic

donation confirmed by email to RNZSPCA.
Canterbury SPCA Earthquake Appeal

Re: Buy it now fanfic

Actually, you need to forward your confirmation to your offerer (heeroluva) who will then let us know they received it. ;)

Edited at 2011-03-16 04:24 pm (UTC)

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