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Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

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NEWS 2.24.2011
figgy's beautiful icon
imaginarycircus wrote in help_nz
We have 91 offers in Lightning Round 1 for fanfic, vids, icons, and all sorts of amazing stuff. You have until Sunday night February 27th EST at midnight to snap up these offers!

We have 11 requests in Lightning Round 2 for fanfic, icons, and a fic story collection for an LJer going to Nepal for a month! This round will be open for takers until Monday night, March 1 at midnight EST. (like in Boston, MA)

We've gotten a fair amount of bidders, and some people who snapped up requests, but we need more. :D

(NB: If an offer or request is still open when the auction closes we will nudge you to move it into the main auction!)

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Picture of bracelet up for bid


Re: Picture of bracelet up for bid

Did you want to post this with your bid?

Re: Picture of bracelet up for bid

That would be great!to I replied to the bidder with the picture but it couldn't hurt to have it with the bid. Thank you!

Are we still able to offer fics up for auction?

Sorry for being completely.... obtuse :) But where would I go to do that?

Lightning Round 1 is open until Sunday. Or you can wait for the main auction which starts this coming Monday for offers.

What time is Lightning Round 1 open til on Sunday? I'm assuming midnight EDT?

Midnight US EST. (NYC)

I totally wrote EDT without thinking. *facepalm*

Ahaha it's okay! I was wondering about that too but most people probably figured it out. :) Thanks for this comm by the way, this is really amazing!

We tried to be clearer in the next set of auction posts so that people know exactly what we mean. :D

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