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Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

News for 2.25.2011
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imaginarycircus wrote in help_nz
We've hit our first bump in the road and I take complete responsibility for it. We've noticed we were not explicit enough in our FAQ and Rules, nor in the Lighting Round 1 post about whether bids were first come first serve (like a Buy it Now auction on eBay) or whether bidding could continue until the auction closes on Sunday night. Both things are happening and my gut says to roll with it. If you and your offeror have agreed on one method or the other--we're cool with that. If there is a problem please contact me (Katie) at help.nzeq at gmail dot com and I will find a way to resolve any issues.

We're going to update the Rules and FAQ tomorrow for clarity and so you know how to close out offers. (NB: You email your receipt to your offeror as proof that s/he may go ahead and fulfill the item. We ask that all offerors make a comment at the bottom of their thread saying they received proof of donation and that the auction item is officially closed.)

We currently have three approved charities that you may donate to: the RSPCA, the Red Cross, and the Salvation Army who all have appeals specifically for quake relief in Christchurch. (links permanently in sidebar at right)

We've heard about some pretty cool auctions going on elsewhere.

Weta is holding an eBay auction of amazing items. Weta are the geniuses behind the Lord of the Rings movies among others. Items are already running in the thousands of dollars.

The nice people at Cosplay New Zealand are holding an auction to raise funds.

This auction is already much larger than I expected. You guys are wonderful! ♥s