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Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

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imaginarycircus wrote in help_nz
I've approached several more people to help us steer this ship. I'd like to thank heidi8 for her guidance, and tresa_cho for being such a rock.

There might be a help-nz v-gift in the works. heidi8 very kindly spoke to someone at LJ about this and they are considering it. There is also a request here on the LJ news post. You can co-sign the request to show support for the idea. It might help sway them. :D


Important Dates:

Lightning Round 1 will run until Sunday Feb. 27th at midnight EDT. Stay tuned for info about further Lightning Rounds.

The Main Auction will start taking offers and requests on Monday Feb. 28th at 12:01 am. We will stop taking new offers at midnight on Monday March 7th.

BIDDING on the Main Auction will begin on Tuesday March 1st at 12:01 am and will close on Tuesday March 8th at midnight.

We have a delicious account and are bookmarking every offer and request by fandom and type of offer to make it all easier to sort through. The link is permanently in our sidebar, but the page is here.
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You are amazing and wonderful for taking this project on - I just scored something in the lighting round and am off to make my first donation....

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OMG I didn't know!! YAY! Thank you for telling me.

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I just made a couple of posts about the v-gift. I think word will spread pretty rapidly. :D

i just wanted to say thank you so much for this, ive donated already, and just put up a post for people to bid on :D

Thank you for making an offer and a donation! :D

Here's some more info about donations:

Donations can be made to the Red Cross online or via http://www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/, as the Red Cross site has been crashing.

Donations can be made to the Rotary New Zealand World Community Service here: http://www.rotary.org.nz/information.cfm?ID=1340.

Across the Tasman, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia is also accepting donations for the New Zealand Red Cross.

Britons can donate to the New Zealand Red Cross online.

Alternatively UK Vodafone customers can give £5 by texting "NZQUAKE" to 70801. UK Vodafone will donate an extra £1 for each text.

Unfortunately, none of the pet or animals support sites are equipped to process overseas donations, which is unfortunate. But I can report that the RSPCA is operational. Their buildings suffered little to no structural damage. Also the Orana Park Wildlife Reserve is okay. They're closed for a few days, but all of the animals survived.

Ooo. Thank you! Great info.

Thanks for the news! Um, you guys have probably thought of this, but could you make sure that there are separate posts for fic, art, other stuff for the main auction? I know there's the delicious account, but it makes it so much easier to go to individual posts instead of combing through all the comments. Thanks again for all your guys' hard work!

We're definitely going to have different post categories for the Main Auction. It would be such a nightmare if we lumped it all together! :D

Yeah, I know a lot of these types of auctions have done separate post categories, but there were a couple recently that didn't, so I thought I'd just make sure. :)

Feel free to poke us if we do anything weird. :D

My brain went to a bad place there, circus. XD

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We're still a bit behind on getting all the links in, but we're doing our best! :D

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