Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

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Lightning Round 1
gay robot
tresa_cho wrote in help_nz


This is going to be the first of our Lightning Rounds, to hold us over till the auction proper starts. So, in this post, make an offer with a certain number of bidders to fill, or something similar. For instance, an offer can be to write a fic for the first three bidders of a certain dollar amount.

To offer, just copy/pasta this text into a comment and fill in the blanks. Offers can be drabbles, snippets, or full fledged fic, if you're feeling ambitious! And obviously, fic is not the only thing you can offer here. This is a 'multi-optional mish-mosh of awesome' post. Get creative!

To make offers easier to scroll through, place a small description in the subject line about your offer!

Bidding Rules:

To bid, simply reply to an offer with a starting bid. All bids must be in USD, and here is a currency converter if you need it. Competing bids must be raised by at least 1 USD.

Please do not delete bids. If you have an issue with a bid, please contact a Mod at help.nzeq [at] gmail [dot] com or reply to your own bid with an explanation. All questions can be directed here, please use this entry only for offers and bids.

We will be holding a larger auction on the other side of the weekend, so this post is just to get us through the weekend. Offer up those lovely, little fandomy tidbits for us :D

Go for it!

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User name: aredblush
Email: n4sssty [at]
Examples of my work: Here (masterlist) or browse through my art tag.

What I'm offering: Buy it now fanart (no bidding)
Chibi style drawings (on A6 size cards) / limit of 10 / $4 each
- hand drawn and coloured
- up to 3 characters
- mailed to you (free S&H)

Fandoms: Bandom, Inception, H5-0, Glee, Classic Disney. If you can provide/link to a primer or reference pictures I'm willing to try other fandoms :)

Confirmation of Donation

I already forwarded you the donation letter from the red cross but here's a screencap. I donated $25 because it would only let me donate in AUD for some reason but the exchange rate is at 0.97 cents so it covers it :D


Re: Confirmation of Donation

Is the Australian Red Cross funding specifically for Christchurch?

Re: Confirmation of Donation

Yep! It has an option to donate directly and it says it on the receipt as well.

Re: Confirmation of Donation

Cool! :D We won't add them as a charity because then we'd be tracking donations in three currencies and that idea makes my head explode.

oh my gosh they're so cute! Are you only willing to draw 10?
Just clarifying before making a bid :)

Thank you :)
For now yes, 10 in total.

Hi BB! Do you mean 10 per person or 10 total? ♥

Hi bb! 10 in total ( I realise now I could have worded it better /o\)

Then I guess I should buy now yeah? :) Can I buy 3 and pay in V gifts? Is that alright with you?

Absolutely! No problem whatsoever :D

Everything's on its way. Let me know when you have confirmation. :)

Received! \o/ Email me your requests, my dear <3

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