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Auction to help Christchurch, NZ

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Lightning Round 1
gay robot
tresa_cho wrote in help_nz


This is going to be the first of our Lightning Rounds, to hold us over till the auction proper starts. So, in this post, make an offer with a certain number of bidders to fill, or something similar. For instance, an offer can be to write a fic for the first three bidders of a certain dollar amount.

To offer, just copy/pasta this text into a comment and fill in the blanks. Offers can be drabbles, snippets, or full fledged fic, if you're feeling ambitious! And obviously, fic is not the only thing you can offer here. This is a 'multi-optional mish-mosh of awesome' post. Get creative!

To make offers easier to scroll through, place a small description in the subject line about your offer!

Bidding Rules:

To bid, simply reply to an offer with a starting bid. All bids must be in USD, and here is a currency converter if you need it. Competing bids must be raised by at least 1 USD.

Please do not delete bids. If you have an issue with a bid, please contact a Mod at help.nzeq [at] gmail [dot] com or reply to your own bid with an explanation. All questions can be directed here, please use this entry only for offers and bids.

We will be holding a larger auction on the other side of the weekend, so this post is just to get us through the weekend. Offer up those lovely, little fandomy tidbits for us :D

Go for it!

User name: divinathursday
Email</>: divinathursday@gmail.com
Examples of my work: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/469506/The_Writer_Triumphant

What I'm offering: drabble, oneshot, fic up to three chapters long, 6,000 words max
Starting bid: $1 USD

*will take three requests

Fandoms: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Teen Titans, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Merlin - ask?

bidding one v-gift ($2.99)

Lj user name: krazykatave
Email: krazykatave at yahoo.com
Sample of work at: fanfic.net, the Sam/Dean slash archive - both sites under author name Gaudete, will get a picture of bracelet up soon. It has black glass beads and acrylic black and white skulls hanging off of it and is about a size 7-8, could also make one with glow in the dark skulls
Items offered: skull bracelet, gen or slash fic - not sure how this would work but willing to give it a go
Ten cents

Supernatural, Doctor Who, Being Human UK, Fringe

This is the first time of doing an auction on lj so will need some help. Done one on ebay before, for LOTR, ages ago but will need guidance here.

Ok, so forgot a few things (its been ages since I've dealt with lj) So first the subject. And now one shot or drabble. Will take two requests for fiction but no real person stories.

User name: gloria_scott
Email: mordelhin [at] yahoo [dot] com
Examples of my work: Here

What I'm offering: Drabbles (100 words), Fics (min. 500 words)
Starting bid: $1 USD (for drabbles); $5 (for fics)

*Will take 3 requests

Fandoms: Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes (ACD Canon or Granada Series), Lord of the Rings, Wallander (BBC)

User name: imaginarycircus
Email: circus at gmail dot com
Examples of my work: Here
What I'm offering: Two fanvids
Starting bid: $5 USD
Fandoms: I'm open to almost anything, unless I can't get the the show. Try me. :D

(For example: Hawaii Five-O, Lost Girl, Buffy, Angel, The Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Life on Mars (UK), Doctor Who, Torchwood, Being Human (UK), CSI, Veronica Mars, Castle, Merlin, Slings and Arrows, Due South, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, but will consider many other shows. Will consider any movie as long as I can get a copy. Ask and I will check.) If the music you want is on iTunes that's all I need.)

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User name: Lopfe
Email: cabbitshivers at gmail dot com
Examples of my work: Here

What I'm offering: Fanfiction from drabbles (including double-drabbles and triple-drabbles) to 1000 words | Fanart - traditional pencil, stylised stick-figures

Starting bid:
$1 for drabbles and stick art
$5 for longer fic and traditional art

*Will take 3 requests for drabbles/stick art
*Will take 2 requests for long fic/traditional art

Fandoms: Sherlock Holmes (Canon, BBC, Granada, Ritchie), Transformers (G1 and Bay-verse) *no art - suck at mecha*, Doctor Who, Dragonball Z, Due South

Edited at 2011-02-23 06:21 am (UTC)

Re: Fanfiction and Fanart

$10 for traditional art.

User name: sabaceanbabe
Email: sabaceanbabe at gmail dot com
Examples of my work: here
What I'm offering: up to five classic drabbles (100 words each)
Starting bid: $1 USD
Fandoms: Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica (original or RDM), Farscape, Being Human (UK or North American), Chuck, Doctor Who (Eleven era), Castle, Sons of Anarchy, Burn Notice, Leverage, White Collar, Supernatural, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Glee, ask about any other fandoms

(Deleted comment)
User name: exbex
Email: haynes_rebecca at yahoo dot com
Examples of my work: Here

What I'm offering: drabbles, snippets, or fic up to 1000 words
Starting bid: $1 (drabbles), $5 (longer)

Fandoms: Due South, BSG, Durham County, Wilby Wonderful, Last Night, Slings and Arrows, Twitch City. Please check out the website above to get a feel for what pairings I write.

**will take three requests**

Are you willing to do post-canon Duck/Buddy fic for $6?

User name: Meredydd or Inelegantscrawl
Email: meredydd (dot)darkmoon(at)gmail(dot)com
Examples of my work: Here and <ahref="http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2173801/ghost_of_jezebel">Here</a>

What I'm offering: Drabbles of 100-200 words, or a fic of at least 1000 words (I can do up to six drabbles and two fics)
Starting bid:1.00 for drabbles,10.00 for fic

Fandoms: BBC's Sherlock, 2009 SyFy's "Alice", XMen, Doctor Who, Being Human (BBC)

User name: saltnburnbaby
Email: phoenixfromtheashes(at)hotmail.de
Examples of my work: Here
What I'm offering: fic, 1-3 k
Starting bid: $5
Fandoms: SPN-Sam/Dean, or any other SPN slash pairing of your choice

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User name: rightxhere
Email: samcam at nicerecall dot com
Examples of my work: Icons

What I'm offering: For now, two sets of 20 icons.
Starting bid: $1 USD each set

Fandoms: Any and all that you're able to provide screencaps, stills, promos or otherwise for :)

User name: weatheredlaw
Email: roto darkly dreaming [aatt] hotmail [dot] com (remove spaces, etc.)
Examples of my work: Here

What I'm offering: fic (drabbles), 500-1000 words - will fill the first five bids
Starting bid: $1

Fandoms: Supernatural, LOST, Inception

Edited at 2011-02-23 03:32 am (UTC)

(Deleted comment)

Re: offering fanfiction


User name: stepsolightly
Email: Just send me a PM
Examples of my work: The only fanfiction I've written in....an insanely long time

What I'm offering: One fic up to 2000 words
Starting bid: $1

Fandoms: Fullmetal Alchemist (I'd write a longer fic for FMA, especially RoyxHughes or Roy fics), Bones, Dollhouse, Lie to Me, Rome, Glee, Death Note, Being Human

bidding one v-gift ($2.99)

multi-fandom | graphics, fanmixes, fic

User name: ohdelighted
Email: ohdelighted [at] gmail [dot] com
Examples of my work: Writing and fanmix examples HERE, graphics examples HERE.

What I'm offering: Fic (multiple drabbles or 1-2 K full-length), fanmixes, graphics. The higher the bid, the more your bundle will include! (I want to reward you for giving!)
Starting bid: $5 for a bundle, $2 for just one of the three.

GLEE (any ships but Klaine & Kurtofsky)
Gossip Girl (Dan/Blair, Nate/Jenny, gen)
The Vampire Diaries (Matt/Caroline, Stefan/Caroline, gen)
Harry Potter (Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, H/Hr/R, various other ships - please PM me if you're considering bidding and I'll tell you if it's something I can write. It's been a while since I've written anything in this fandom.)

Re: multi-fandom | graphics, fanmixes, fic

Hi! I have a few particular Glee icons that I would love to have - I'd be thrilled to do a $5 donation if you can make four or five of them for me. One would include a line from last night's episode, so if you haven't seen it and don't want to be spoiled, I could wait...

User name: zoetheriot
Email: zoethedinosaur[at]hotmail[dot]com
Examples of my work: Here, here and for more extensive graphic work here.

What I'm offering: Icon pack of up to 25 icons.
Starting bid: USD$1

Fandoms: Winner can request (screencaps/HQ images would be helpful!)

$10 - I'd love to have some Glee, Rachel Caine and others I'll get you pictures for. Thanks!!